Brad Pitt spits feathers over caged hens in letter to Costco: ‘Animals deserve better’

Brad Pitt spits feathers over caged hens in letter to Costco: ‘Animals deserve better’

Brad Pitt has added his voice to the debate over caged hens.

The Hollywood actor has written a letter to US supermarket chain Costco calling on the company to stop selling eggs from caged hens.

He joined Bill Maher, who wrote an editorial for The New York Times last week, in calling for the move.

According to the New York Daily News, Pitt addressed his letter to chief executive Craig Jelinek and wrote: “As you know, these birds producing eggs for your shelves are crammed five or more into cages that are not large enough for even one hen to spread her wings.

Brad Pitt has spoken out

“In short, cramming hens into cages for their entire lives constitutes cruelty to animals, and animals deserve better.

He continued: “As you know, many major corporations, from Burger King to Unilever, are getting rid of cages – and Whole Foods hasn’t sold eggs from caged hens in years. I admire Costco’s many positive social commitments.

“You’ve shown great courage and integrity on a range of issues. Won’t you please extend that sensibility – and basic decency – to chickens?”

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

In June the company said in a statement that there are “vigorous debates about animal welfare and laying hens.”

They said: “Some, such as the Humane Society, advocate that hens be ‘cage free,’ and not confined in cages. Some advocate that cages are safer for hens. Some jurisdictions, such as California, have laws mandating that eggs derive from hens confined in cages of a certain size.

“We respect that many people prefer to buy and consume cage free eggs. Our Kirkland Signature Organic Eggs derive from cage free hens, and along with other cage free items we sell over fifty million dozen cage free eggs a year. Over the last nine years, the number of organic and cage free eggs we sell has increased more than twenty fold.

They added they were “committed to the ethical treatment of animals”.